How to fix display issue with jumbotron class in CSS

The Jumbotron class is a popular component in Bootstrap, a widely used CSS framework. It allows you to create a big, attention-grabbing header for your website or application. However, sometimes you may encounter an issue where the Jumbotron class does not display the expected CSS styles.

The first thing to check is whether you have included the Bootstrap CSS file correctly in your HTML document. Make sure you have added the correct link to the file in the head section of your document. Without the correct CSS file, the Jumbotron class (or any other Bootstrap class) will not display the desired styles.

If you have confirmed that the Bootstrap CSS file is included correctly, the issue could be caused by conflicts with other CSS styles or selectors in your code. Check for any conflicting styles that override the Jumbotron class or specific CSS properties that may prevent the desired styles from being applied. Use the browser’s developer tools to inspect the element and see which CSS styles are being applied and if there are any conflicting styles.

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